Sunday, October 23, 2005


We had worship today. Prayers were lifted up -- "Good Lord, deliver us."

We've been fairly fortunate with hurricanes this year, but we keep having to prepare for one and then another. We are tired of this.

I have hurricane panals. You put them up one at a time, securing them in place with screws built into the house.

Someday when I have lots of money and nothing to do with it, I'm buying the shutters that roll out. Push a button, and the shutters roll out and lock into place.

On one of the panels, I have kept a list of the hurricanes for which they have been put into place. The list is getting too long.


Anonymous Lorna said...


at least you have the stuff to put up. We see clips everyone time of ppl trying to buy board from empty hardware stores and I've always wondered what happens to the old stuff (is it ripped off by the hurricane) or do they just throw it away or what?

glad you survived this storm. I can imagine you are FED UP though. This year has been particularly hard.

I hate the dark in Finland at this time of year, but not sure I'd swap for the humidity and then the hurricanes.

be blessed

12:11 PM  

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