Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Instructions? What instructions?

In the Presbyterian Church, or PCUSA, if you are a minister who wants to move, you read CIFs, write your PIF, work through a COM, so you can be interviewed by a PNC -- and be sure to watch out for egotistical EPs.

Without explaining any of that for the non-Presbyterians, I have a story about a minister who wanted to move. I'm on the COM, or the Committee on Ministry. She was circulating her resume online in our system. She wasn't getting any response, so after 6 months, she came to me and asked what she could do to get more response from churches looking to call a pastor.

Simple -- in the online form she had to check a box that enabled the resume to be circulated.

"How was I supposed to know I had to do that," she asked.

"Read the instructions?" I thought it, didn't quite say it.

So anyway, I noticed I was having trouble with the bloglet subscription process. I was writing posts on this blog, but subscribers weren't getting the entries.

When all else fails, read the instructions.

I had to check the "enable" box on the bloglet web page.

Gee, maybe that will fix everything.

I'm new to this blogging business, in case you haven't figured that out by now.

I look at the visitors who have come -- how the heck are you guys finding this thing? 122 visitors this month? From 27 nations?

Actually, come to think of it, that sounds like my church. We have a little more than 27 nationalities in our congregation.

But how did someone in Sweden find this blog, or Spain.

I'm fascinated by the world I live in. Countries used to be so far apart. Now I seem to live in an increasingly global community.

Well, I'm babbling.

I do that when I'm tired.

The main thing is that I really just wanted to post something -- anything -- to see if I fixed this subscription thing.


Anonymous Keith said...

Thanks for dropping by at Under the Acacias, and for your encouragements. May you and your family know God's grace, presence, and strength through this time.

8:18 AM  

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