Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Christian Who Hated Christmas

Who is the Christian who hates Christmas? ME. I know, Christians are called to be a people of love. But we don't have to love holidays. Holiday? Comes from the words HOLY day. But I find little holy about Christmas.

Everyone celebrates Christmas in America. And if you don't you are impacted by it. Jews are overwhelmed by the Christian message. Christians are overwhelmed with how secular America has taken over Christmas.

Which brings me to why I hate Christmas.

Too much commercialism. We treat this as a season to buy gifts we cannot afford and waiting to receive gifts we do not need.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not the grinch or the bah-humbug type. I do celebrate Christmas and I suppose I really do enjoy it. But I don't get into it the way many do.

My neighbors have spent hours decorating their homes inside and out. My wife and I spent a couple of hours decorating our tree. Putting up a tree inside the house is one Christmas tradition I love. On our tree are ornaments for every year my wife and I have been married. Our son has his special ornaments as well. There are meaningful ornaments people have given us over the years.

We have a wreath on the door. That took ten minutes at the most.

But a lot of our decorations stayed in boxes in the garage -- praise God! Less work for me to do in a hectic time of the year.

I wrote some Christmas cards. I remember my Mom and Dad must have sent and received hundreds. I sent 10. Those went to people who don't have email. Others I write often and I am sending them email holiday greetings.

I have bought a few gifts, but not a lot. My wife and I are being careful not to spend money needlessly.

I see my neighbors getting tense and anxious over the holidays. I think they may have missed the whole point of Christmas -- loving others, being together, enjoying peace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you need something to lift your spirits, try this; and leave a note if you like it:

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Blogger Brownie said...

G'day g'day AP - thanks for visiting my blog. You must have clicked on 'View Next Blog'.
I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I would have been raised a Presaterian (couldn't say it when I was little) except my father married an RC and set the family sniping.
I did attend Presbyterian sunday school enough to win the Attendance Prize, but religion was always An Issue in my family.
Ancestors are from John Knox's own heartland in Scotland - Haddington and Athlestane.
All through my 56 years I have had bad experiences with people who thought they were christian.
There are humourless, passionless, ugly christian bloggers who leave vicious comments on blogs where they are not welcome. I think it might be THEIR sins that Jesus died for, not mine. peace and love from your new regular reader.

9:48 PM  

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