Friday, May 19, 2006

The Torch Has Been Passed To A New Generation.

I found this video on another blog -- Traci Marie. She just graduated from seminary and she once wrote about her relationship with one of her professors: "without dr. hunsinger, my seminary career would have been very different. he and i became friends when i ended up in his office in tears. he listened to me rant and cry about the fact that i couldn't get out of bed in the morning because the world was falling apart. wars and rumors of more wars. torture. election defeat. i told him that i thought i was going crazy because nobody seemed to care about torture."

Except for the fact that apparently she has not yet been introduced to the concept of Upper Case Letters, she gives me hope. When the Iraqi War was about to start, I marched in protest and felt so much alone. I frequently wondered what happened to the passion of those of us who grew up in the sixties. I understand now -- "the torch has been passed to a new generation."


Blogger traci said...

what's an uppercase letter? :)

thanks for the shout out. now if i could only find a job... any ideas??

10:36 AM  
Blogger ~**Dawn**~ said...

what are you trying to imply is wrong with typing in all lowers? hmm? ;-) i am a double major in child development and ENGLISH!! (how's that for uppers? LOL) but when i blog...for some reason, i choose to do it in all lowers--except for proper nouns. i don't even know why. just a personality quirk i guess!

good to see you blogging again! =)

2:53 PM  
Blogger Pastor Lance said...

Interesting… comments at “lower case” and not about content.

My guess is that people are becoming desensitized. CSA opened the prime-time world to dissecting the human body. A severed arm here… A severed head there… A human body partially eaten by another human… Of course, there was “liquid man”… Steven King’s next novel will be a best seller before Amazon sells its first copy. Freddy Kruger keeps killing people. The latest games on the X Box 360 allows the gamer to have a very realistic view of killing and death.

You wonder where the passion against torture is? It is lost in a sea of sensory data that gets run through a post-modern cultural filter that screens it out. They see worse things on TV and on the video game every day (even though they are fantasy).

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CSA? I think that Pastor Lance meant CSI.

5:02 PM  

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